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Horse Improves After Therapeutic Bodywork

Dear Lisa

Thank you so much for all of your helpful info, I have been learning a lot and your advice has caused me to look into and see things I did not have a clue could be hurting my mare before, as for my mare the rest and stretching and a little massaging has brought her back to her normal self and I can tell that she is feeling better (: Thank you so much!  I am exited to keep doing the stretching and massaging to prevent any further injury thank you!



Cat With Digestive Distress - November 2013

"Our one cat yesterday threw up all day long. Every time he ate and even when he didn't . Since my husband is the only one he trusts when he got home I had him put the Digize on his tummy...and guess what? Never threw up again and with in 15 minutes was able to eat and drink and keep it down. He perked up and just purred! The power of the oils!!"

Chris P - Nevada

Horse Has Improved Movement After Applying Essential Oils With Light Bodywork - June 2013

"This was the first appointment for my horse with Lisa Carter at Heavenly Gaits Equine Massage. Lisa provided and evaluation and equine massage. She was professional and very knowledgeable. She explained as she worked and my horse responded very well to her. After her work, my horse could move both hips freely at all gaits. He seems more comfortable and able to move well. I would highly recommend Lisa and will use her again."

Cathy P - Texas

Improved Suppleness After Equine Bodywork - January 2012

"I had Lisa out for the first time this week to work on our 2 horses. My horse had no major issues I was concerned about, but just seemed "crabby" lately. She identified several areas of tightness and spasm and was able to relieve a lot of this. I rode him later that day and the difference in his suppleness was huge. She also worked on my husband's horse and really took the time to evaluate and treat each horse individually. Her approach and recommendations were different for each of them and reflective of her knowledge of anatomy and each horse's specific issues. See also took the time to teach me the various recommended stretches to keep each horse as supple as possible. I highly recommend Lisa!"

Caren R - Texas

Equine Bodywork - February 2012

"Lisa really cares passionately about what she does. She takes the time to study and find out answers to better serve her equine customers. Lisa is a terrific equine massage therapist because of her knowledge, tallent, and continuing education. If your horse is lacking in any performance area or even has soreness give her a call you will be very very pleased and your horse will thank you! "

Dusty McCord - Texas
McCord's Natural Hoof Trimming

Horse Hits Every Lead After Bodywork Session - August 2012

"Radius and I had our best class ever on Saturday. My trainer can really tell a difference. Savvy caught every lead correctly in his class. EV had a great ride...Thanks again for your healing hands and suggestions on how to make our horses better, We appreciate you!"

Kathy C - Texas

WordPress Services - December 2012

"Lisa, I would like to say again, as I have many times before…..Thanks for doing such a wonderful job for me in maintaining my website. You always take care of things QUICKLY and CORRECT! I get alot of compliments on the site so obviously your layout design has really made it easy to use. I would recommend your service to anyone who is looking for professional maintenance and building of a website."

WordPress Services - February 2013

"Lisa, Thank you so much for your assistance this week. I was having some issues transferring my current theme to Thesis theme in WordPress. I had contacted our WP community and they suggested I find someone off the list of the Certified ARC Specialists. I was drawn to your bio and decided to contact you. You were quick in responding and helped remedy the issues easily. You seem very knowledgeable in your fields and it was a pleasure working with you. I will Definitely call on you again. You are FABULOUS!"

Teresa Smith
Beliefs Heal

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