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10 Cool Smartphone Apps For Horse Lovers — 14 Comments

  1. Why is it the only one I want is for iPhone's only??  Just the way it goes!

  2. The reviews for the Saddle and Stirrups Magazine report they're no longer sending the monthly magazine!  Apparently subscribers are getting no response from the company but still being billed.  Out of business?

    • Don’t know Helen.  I’m not affiliated with the company at all, just posting some cool apps I found.  I haven’t heard anything myself about them. 



  3. I’m really disappointed that the good apps are iOS only! Highly, highly disappointing…

    • Yes, it seems that most developers focus on iOS and forget about the other platforms.  It can be quite costly to develop in more than one platform.  When I looked into it, it was going to cost several hundred dollars just to work in one platform, let alone several.  But you could always contact the developer and ask them if they plan to expand?



  4. Rendaivu, aka Horse Notes. Best site ever for tracking records. Does have an app for Android and apple, but you do have to pay. However the website can easily be accessed by your phone or tablet browsers.

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