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The 3 Best Calming Essential Oils For Animals & Humans — 4 Comments

  1. I was wondering wich oil would I need for my horse. He is fine when he is alone or with one or 2 horses, but when I ride with more he is prancing and doesn't concentrate on where he is going thanks

    • It’s hard to say Tammy.  It really depends on what’s driving the behavior.  For example, my young mare does that very same thing.  She is a very confident mare and needs strong leadership or she “takes over”.  For myself, I am a strong leader for her on the ground, but in the saddle I lack leadership because of fear issues I have in the saddle and she can sense this.  She decides she wants to be where the action is, gets excited and wants to GO!  When I try to redirect her, she starts prancing and dancing and not wanting to pay attention to me.  So in this case, the issue is not fear/anxiety, but more like a teenager throwing a temper tantrum.  In this case, I would try oils like Peace & Calming or perhaps Lavender.  If the behavior is driven by fear, then maybe I would try Valor or Stress Away if the Peace & Calming aren’t working.  When dealing with separation anxiety sometimes Release can be helpful. 

      I hope this information is helpful 🙂



  2. I have YL Peace and Calming oil.  My dog is very hyper when it rains and thundering.  Do I apply 1 part oil 1 part extra virgin coconut oil around her ears or down her back.    First time doing this.

    • Hi Sharon,

      Peace & Calming does have citrus oils in it, so you’ll want to make sure that you don’t apply it anywhere that will get direct sunlight exposure.  Depending on the animal’s sensitivity level, you can do a 1:1 dilution, but may need more for more sensitive animals.  I just rub the oil between my palms and then pet my dog along the top of the head and along the spine if I’m apply directly.  Sometimes I will even pet the chest area for oils with citrus.  An effective strategy is also to just to diffuse the oil in the room where the animal is.  I’ll often do that when I have several hours advance warning of a thunderstorm.  Hope your dog finds some peace!



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