Identify Potential Problems In Your Horse, Minimize Vet Bills, AND Feel Good About Your Horse Health Care Decisions!

Have you ever had your horse travel completely freely on a circle to the right, but fights you tooth and nail when you ask for the other direction? 

Does your horse have a contracted heel on one foot that won’t get any better despite the best efforts of your hoof care professional? 

Have you been battling performance or lameness issues with your horse and don’t know what to do next?


These are very common problems for many horse owners.  Issues like these can be very frustrating when you can’t tell what the underlying cause of the problem is. 

There are three simple steps that every horse owner can follow to evaluate their horse for potential problems.  What you find after you follow these steps will provide you with the necessary clues to determine what action you need to take to address them.

Are you ready to get better results with your horse?  Put your equine health care team to work so you and your horse can be doing what you were meant to!

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