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Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar For Horses – Support Bone and Joint Health — 19 Comments

  1. I love the ACV and use it a lot. My farrier told me about it a long time ago.
    Thanks for sharing these ideas to use it!

    • Thanks for commenting MarVeena and sharing. It was also suggested to me to use the apple cider vinegar as an antibacterial/antifungal to aide a chronic crack that Spirit has on the same foot. It definitely has a plethora of uses!

  2. I've used ACV for me and for my horses. For me it helped with digestion and energy. I have also given it to my horses and since it helped me with my digestion I'm sure it helped them with their digestion also.

    • My husband and I both use ACV daily for both digestion and for joints. I really think it helps keep me from creaking too much! Equine massage is hard on the my body and it helps to keep my going.

  3. That sounds great!
    I'm excited to see the next x-rays and check how the bones will be at that time 😀

  4. This is great info!  I just wanted to tell everyone you can also get organic ACV at WALMART!  🙂  I use it as a base for my homemade fly spray.  My store has 3 to choose from.  You'll save money, I bet!

    Thanks for all the awesome information you share with us.  🙂


    Happy Trails!

    • Thanks for the info Tami.  I would only recommend Bragg’s ACV if you are going to use it.  Be cautious, sometimes cheaper isn’t always better 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for your answer so fast, Lisa.  


    I hope the ACV could help at least reduce some of deposits. Actually, after reading your story, i have continue searched the articles about the benefits of ACV on the internet.  Now i quite sure that there are many advantages of the ACV for horses not only for the calcium deposits. 

    By the way, thanks so much.

    • Nothing new to report here.  His condition remains stable with no further degeneration that I can tell.  He appears sound about 90% of the time.  He still gets a bit sore if he overdoes it, like when his mare leaves and he paces nonstop in the pasture.  Unfortunately I don’t work at that vet clinic anymore and my regular veterinarian is no longer with the clinic, so it’s not as easy to just stop by for x-rays without good reason anymore.  If anything changes, I will make sure and post an update 🙂



  6. My mare has soft tissue damage along her loin area, wondering if ACV would help , should it be rubbed on , or taken in feed.


    • Hi Caroline,

      ACV is supposed to be helpful for alleviating inflammation within the body and helps to neutralize the uric acid buildup in joints that may lead to things like arthritis and gout.  It would be taken internally.  It may be helpful for your mare on the inflammation side of things.  You might also look at bodywork (like massage or acupuncture) as well to help with reduction of scar tissue, improve suppleness of the tissues and support the other muscle groups that would be compensating for the imbalance. 



  7. Thanks for all the information.

    Do you know a source for large quantities of ACV?  I simply own too many horses to buy it commercially in small quantities.



    • Hi Michael.  I’m sorry, I sure don’t.  I just have my local health food store order it for me by the case.  I imagine you can Google it and find a supplier online that will allow you to order it in bulk.



  8. Very interesting article. Recently, we were told a place on a horse my daughter owns could possibly be calcium deposit. My daughter purchased the mare in Oct 2013 & did very little riding before daughter got pregnant in March 2014. Since her baby, she's only ridden the mare twice. I work her in the round pen & never notice in lameness what so ever. This is a 13yo barrel horse. When the farrier trims her, he will push on it & she never moves. The mare is for sale & I had taken a picture of the place to send to the lady. If I had known about the ACV I could have been giving to her the whole time. Originally told that the horse got tangled up in a rope & the knot had been there along with a scar on back leg. Maybe starting ACV on her now would help?

    • ACV is always a great supplement to add into any horse’s diet for a multitude of reasons.  Not sure that it would help in the issue that you are describing and since the horse isn’t bothered by the spot you mentioned, There are NEVER any guarantees with anything.  What works for one horse, may not work for another.  If your horse is not lame or bothered by the spot, it’s probably nothing to worry about at this juncture. It could just be some scar tissue that has developed in that spot as well.  Only an x-ray could tell you for sure.  It certainly won’t hurt anything though. 



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