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Winter Horse Care Tips: To Blanket Or Not To Blanket…That Is The Question — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks for thoughts on the subject Curt. Sometimes I think the more we interfere with the horse’s natural systems, the more problems we end up creating rather than helping.

  2. Growing up in Miami, FL, i have a blanket fetish.  I have a show horse I like to keep slick and a retired horse and three boarders.  I check the weather at feeding time in the evening.  If predictions are for below 45, I blanket the show horse.  Below freezing, the others also get blankets.  Our blankets are medium polyfill 1200 denier waterproof, breathable blankets.  I have a round bale for the night pasture and a 12×24 shelter they can get in.  The herd looks color coded in very cold weather.  I feed a multivitamin supplement to boost immune system.  Sp far all has gone well.

  3. Great article Lisa! This discussion is really interesting. I'd say that horses are too smart to adapt changes specifically  in temperature. Horses are somewhat opposite to humans during cold weather and I admit that. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. I would love reading your next post.

  4. Great article. I have 2 horses and I live a few miles above Memphis. I'm in my 3rd year as an owner rider although I've ridden since a child in Florida. I've felt guilty recently for not blanketing my horses but after reading this I think I've actually been doing the right thing. More hay and in extremely inclement or extremely wet and cold temps I stall them and constantly walk them inside our barn. Both have heavy coats and seem very happy. I was recently scared and then impressed a it how well horses can manuver on the ice and snow. Thanks for the article!

    • Thanks Rhonda!  Yes, I think we tend to be over protective and forget that they have fur coats and that they have evolved to withstand MUCH harsher conditions that we can imagine.  They are much stronger than we give them credit for and I think that our over-protectiveness can sometimes do more harm than good by putting a damper on their natural body systems. 



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