These are a few of the best essential oils for horses. These are the ones I’ve found myself turning to the most and recommending for my equine massage clients. Many of the main oils I use are included as part of the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. I prefer to use Young Living pure therapeutic grade essential oils for my family and animals because I can trust that I’m only getting the very best quality product.  They maintain some of the strictest quality control standards in the industry via their Seed To Seal process – growing, harvesting, and distilling their own oils.

You can save 24% off retail price when you create your own Wholesale Member account with the purchase of one of the Starter Kits – no minimum monthly purchase or selling required! Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Young Living Wholesale versus Retail Member here –

You can learn more about and/or purchase any of these essential oils, as well as a Premium Starter Kit here –


Premium Starter Kit – BEST VALUE!

Young Living Premium Starter Kit

This exclusive enrollment option also contains ten of our top-selling essential oils and essential oil blends. The specially-selected oils in this collection offer ongoing benefits for your health, home, and body. Enjoy the relaxing benefits of Lavender and Stress Away, the cleansing power of Thieves and Citrus Fresh, the comforting touch of PanAway, and more!  Plus you’ll enjoy the benefits of getting all your future essential oils at 24% off retail price.

Everyday Oils includes:

1 – 5 ml Copaiba Vitality
1 – 5 ml Di-Gize® Vitality
1 – 5 ml Frankincense
1 – 5 ml Lemon Vitality
1 – 5 ml Lavender
1 – 5 ml Peppermint Vitality
1 – 5 ml Citrus Fresh
1 – 5 ml Panaway®
1 – 5 ml Raven®
1 – 5 ml Stress Away®
1 – 5 ml Thieves® Vitality

Your choice of four (4) different Diffusers**

Price:  $160.00 USD (100 PV)**

** – price may vary depending on which diffuser you select

Order here!


Buy Essential Oils For Horses — 5 Comments

  1. Do you have informationon what kind of blends to do for horses and what ratios to use? I cureently using the oulsbut not for horses. Thanks

  2. I would like to attend your Tuesday Basics of Oils for Horses please. Could you send me a Facebook invite?

    Thank  you

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