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Handmade Horse Jewelry By Nikki

Horse Bling – Rhythm Beads For Horses

Blue With Silver Cross Pendant

Handmade blue rhythm beads for your horse -

Green With Gold Leaf Pendant

Handmade green rhythm beads for your horse -

Red With Wooden Heart Pendant

Handmade red rhythm beads for your horse -

Show off your horse's personality and natural beauty with these stylish handmade rhythm beads.  Bells on the necklaces softly chime in rhythm to your horse's movement helping you stay connected and in matching time with your horse.  These beautiful high quality glass bead sets are all handmade and come in 5 sizes (mini, pony, horse, warmblood and draft).  Available in three color sets – Blue, Green and Red. 

Retail Price:  $30.00 USD (contact me for international shipping quote)



Equine Massage & Grooming Tools

The Maxi Scratcher

The Maxi Scratcher horse massage tool developed by Equine Bodyworker Dino FretterdBe a horse's BEST buddy and mimic what horses love best, being groomed by another horse, by using the Maxi Scratcher in your own hand!  Based on equine behavior, the Maxi Scratcher is anatomically designed from the horse's maxilla bone from where the incisors grow and is designed for maximum effect with minimal effort.  It is made of durable plastic and bonded with rubber to ensure a comfortable grip.  Created by Equine Bodywork Specialist, Dino Fretterd, it's the Best Equine Scratching Tool. 

Retail Price:  $4.95 USD (contact me for international shipping quote)