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Over-Stressed, Over-Worked Corporate Manager Gone Horse Crazy!

For most of nearly three decades my career was focused on the busy rat-race of working in fast-paced offices and climbing the corporate ladder (with all the nasty politics that come with it).  I was stressed out and looking for a way out.  Time for a career change!  My opportunity came when I entered the natural horsemanship community and found a much more rewarding career in equine massage therapy and natural horsemanship.  Through this “natural” community, I was introduced to the concepts of healthier living for both humans and animals. 

Lisa Carter, CEMT - Lisa is a Certified Equine Massage Therapist and Web Developer who broke out of her 9 to 5 hectic corporate job to live her dream with horses.The last several years has led me on a circuitous journey, meeting many holistic-minded people of all walks of life, making great new friends, and working several different jobs trying to find that place that I could feel comfortable and really fit in.  I even tried to build a home-based business with several different direct sales companies.  I’m not a chatty, go-get-em sales type person.  Making cold-calls on the phone or talking to strangers at the local grocery store is definitely NOT my cup of tea.  While the products of the companies were good, the support was never there and I felt stranded out in the cold

Then along came Young Living and I new immediately that this was the right fit for me.  It was exactly what I had been looking for and could easily incorporate into my equine massage and natural horse care business. 

It was a “natural” fit…the missing puzzle piece

All of the Young Living products are wonderful and the benefits of essential oils can be traced back historically for thousands of years.  And best of all, I could work my entire Young Living business on-line through my website and social media.  No phones calls, no chasing people down trying to convince them they needed this product.  They came to me asking how they can use and get the product for themselves! 

If you…

…are looking for a “way out”

…need that career change to maintain your sanity

…want to spend more time with your family

…want to partner with an exceptional company

…want to help people and animals lead healthier lives every day

…DON’T want to chase your friends and family on the phone or strangers at the grocery store

If you answered “YES” to these questions, then you owe it to yourself to take a that leap of faith.  Are you ready?

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