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Young Living Essential Oils - Essental Rewards Program

What Are Essential Rewards?

Essential Rewards is Young Living's monthly auto shipment program that you can customize each month! You can change the products you will receive from month to month, as well as set choose the ship date, you are not locked into getting the same products over and over.  This program is a key component if you wish to participate in the business opportunity offered by Young Living, unlocking multiple bonuses for you.  In order to qualify for these bonuses, you must have it set to a minimum of 100 PV ($100) and you must have one shipment each month.  If you aren't interested in building a business, then all that is required to participate in the Essential Rewards program is a minimum order of 50 PV. 

Earn Free Product

Essential Rewards allows you to earn points that you can redeem to receive free products.  All you have to pay is the shipping charge for the products you select.

If you are a Young Living Wholesale Member, and you are not interested in a business opportunity, then a minimum of 50 PV ($50) Essential Rewards is all you will need to enjoy the reduced shipping cost.  So if you plan on ordering even 1 or 2 oils or products each month, it's well worth the rewards you'll receive! 

Discounted Shipping

All Essential Rewards orders qualify for reduced shipping costs. Members pay a $6.98 U.S./$9.75 CAN flat shipping fee on the order’s first 5 pounds and just $0.63 per additional pound for ground shipments to the continental U.S. and $0.70 per additional pound for shipments to Canada. For air shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, Essential Rewards members pay a $12.50 flat shipping fee on the order’s first 5 pounds and $1.25 for each additional pound.

Exclusive Bonuses

Essential Rewards members who are also Independent Distributors have opportunities to earn special income bonuses. The Rising Star Team Bonus is just one way Essential Rewards members can access additional cash rewards. Learn more about the Young Living Compensation Plan.

In addition, being an Independent Distributor with a 100 PV Essential Rewards order entitles you to be a member of our Private, Members Only, Facebook group that will support you while you build your business!

Essential Rewards Points

Earn points toward future product purchases with every Essential Rewards order. As your months with Essential Rewards increase, so do your rewards!

Months on Essential Rewards Points Earned
1–6 10% of order Personal Volume (PV)
7–12 15% of order PV
13+ 20% of order PV


For example, place a 100 PV Essential Rewards order in your first six months and earn 10 points to redeem for free products. The more you order, the more points you can redeem for free Young Living products.

Get Started!

To enroll in this program (you must have a Young Living Distributor/Wholesale account), select the products you would like Young Living to send you that month, and the day of the month you would like the order processed.

You can set up Essential Rewards when you create your Young Living wholesale account (choose from one of 5 Essential Rewards Collections – see details below), with a live operator (1-800-371-3515) or through your personal Young Living back office. The credit card or bank account that you link to your Essential Rewards order will automatically be charged.

Have fun!  This is a great way to make sure you never, ever run out of your favorite products (I’ve done that and it’s not fun) and it is a great reminder each month to try new things to tell your customers about!

The New Essential Reward Collection

Once new distributors have enrolled with a starter kit, they may choose from one of five new Essential Rewards kits. These kits familiarize them with our new Home, Wellness, Beauty, and Balance product categories, providing great opportunities to replace household products with the most popular, all-natural Young Living alternatives.  It is important to note that your Essential Rewards order can consiste of ANY of Young Living's products.  You are NOT limited to only purchasing from the following collections. 

Young Living Home Essential Rewards Kit -

Home Kit

(Item No. 4627)

Includes: Thieves Foaming Hand Soap, Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste, 5-ml Peppermint essential oil, NingXia Red 30-count singles, Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier, 5-ml Lemon essential oil, 5-ml Purification essential oil blend, Deep Relief Roll-On, and Thieves Dental Floss

Price:  $139 USD (139 PV)

Young Living Wellness Essential Rewards Collection -

Wellness Kit

(Item No. 4727)

Includes: 15-ml Slique Essence essential oil blend, Life 5, NingXia Red 2 pack, and Longevity Softgels

Price:  $139 USD (139 PV)

Young Living Beauty Essential Rewards Kit -

Beauty Kit

(Item No. 4728)

Includes: Progessence Plus, A•R•T Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Boswellia Wrinkle Cream, and one A•R•T Beauty Masque packet

Price:  $139 USD (139 PV)

Young Living Balance Essential Rewards Kit -

Balance Kit

(Item No. 4729)

Includes: 5-ml Valor essential oil blend, 5-ml Lavender essential oil, Stress Away Roll-On, OmegaGize³, 5-ml Frankincense essential oil, and 5-ml Peace & Calming essential oil blend

Price:  $139 USD (139 PV)

Young Living Lifestyle Essential Rewards Kit -

Lifestyle Kit

(Item No. 4730)

Includes: NingXia Red 2 pack, 5-ml Thieves essential oil blend, Copaiba Vanilla Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, and Stress Away Roll-On

Price:  $139 USD (139 PV)

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