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Choosing A Salt Type For Your Horse – Stock Vs Himalayan Or Redmond Salt — 5 Comments

  1. Can I please have your permission to re-print this article as I found it very helpful in knowing what supplements to chose. I am the secretary for the Canadian Fjord Horse Association and would like to re-print it in our newsletter that goes out to about 10 members.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I am finding it difficult to purchase bulk celtic sea salt as all suppliers tend to sell small size bags at ridiculous pricing. Would you happen to know any supplier who sells 5kg bags or more in NSW Australia. We have a team of 10 horses who get 1tbls per day. Thanks I hope you can help. Freda Louizos.

    • I’m really sorry that you are having such a hard time finding affordable salt Freda! I can totally understand with that many to care for! Unfortunately I’m not at all familiar with the suppliers available to you. I use Redmond’s Salt that I can buy in bulk 50 lb bags from my local feed store very affordably and my horses really like it. Perhaps you have a local supplier for the Redmonds that would be more economical? Sorry I can’t be of more help!



  3. I have tried the Himalayan Salt loose granuals on my 30 year old Arabian gelding and 11 year old Rocky Mountain gelding. I add a little to their morning grain feeding and they look amazing with a lot of energy. I have tried the red (with minerals) salt and white salt blocks and this doesn’t work for my horses. They won’t touch the white blocks and they eat the red blocks like they are candy. This way I know they are getting a little salt and minerals daily, especially with the heat and humidity here lately. They look the best they ever have!

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