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Colloidal Silver – Promote Tissue Healing For Serious Burns On Horse — 2 Comments

  1. At manage an equine rescue in MS and our summers are very hot and humid. We have a 20 year old untrained fresian cross with a summer sore right at his coronet band. We have been fighting this for 2 year with our vet. We have tried ivermectin, proudsoff, anitbiotics, underwood, preparation h and diatomaceous earth powder but nothing is working. Ironically, I care for my elderly mother and I am constantly treating wounds and there have been several times we have used colloidal silver patches and they work wonders. So, I thought why not use it on a horse. I used it successfully on a neck wound a couple of weeks ago. With all this being said, have you ever had anyone have success using colloidal silver on summer sores? I’m going to try it regardless I was just hoping for some hope for this big man.

    • I have not used it for that purpose, but I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t give it a try. I’ve had good results for skin health using an All Purpose Spray recipe. I’ve used it for years for pretty much everything skin related. If you’d like the recipe I can email it to you.



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