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Enhancing Equine Massage With Essential Oils — 9 Comments

  1. Just took the Young Living RainDrop Therapy course. I am also an Equine Massage Thearapist. Thank you for sharing your story. Gonna go try this on my horse today 🙂

  2. Thank you! I am looking into helping a horse, we have him for close to a week on a trial period.  He is having a very visible twist in his hind (hocks and fetlocks probably more that's not visible) we are getting a DVM eval to help us decide to purchase him for a pleasure horse (with some 2 or more hour long hauls). He is really swee!t We've only had him here for three and a half days and I've sat on him, backwards while my husband held his lead, and worked on his back. Besides being a bit cow-hocked in the hind, and way too long of toes in the front with one hoof being extra long and a horrid low angle he is doin very well, he is shod and is overreaching sometimes, but not sererely. Any input you can give about the massage benefitd and the essentiential oils will be welcom. Too bad his original owners did not realize if can help to take a hair more off the outside of a young horse that is toed out every two weeks!!  A gelding destined for extreme problems can end up a very comfortable pleasure horse. Thank you for sharing!! ~Teri

    • Hi Teri.  That’s very smart to get a solid evaluation by a veterinarian before you decide to purchase.  Sometimes there are things going on that we just cannot see with the naked eye that would limite even use as a pleasure horse.  The uneven hoof growth and the cow-hocked stance can be symptoms of more severe things going on or in the process of developing.  If you haven’t already gotten it, my free report “3 Steps To Evaluating Your Horse For Potential Problems” is a good tool to looking at a horse critically.  Obviously I cannot offer specifics as to what kinds of things might help this horse since I haven’t seen him and no nothing about any underlying issues that may be going on.  But both my bodywork and essential oil eBooks have tons of information and exercises on helping your horse once you get a better idea of what his issues might be.  You can get that bundled on sale here – http://www.heavenlygaitsequinemassage.com/buy-natural-horse-products/equine-bodywork-videos-dvds-ebooks/

      I hope your evaluation goes well and you get good news.  It sounds like this guy needs your tender loving touch 🙂



  3. Hello!


    I use essential oils for family and pets. I do have a question about our horse. I have been trying several oils on our horse using them about a week at a time to see what works. I am struggling. We have a mare (Morgan), 14years old. No physical problems (Knock wood), but she always seems down. She isn't sore, has GREAT feet, 100% dependable, but she needs uplifting spirit. I have tried some blends, but what do you reccommend? My daughter competes with her, but there is a spark missing. Trying to keep this brief as I could since I could go on. Thank you so much!


    • Hi Jannell,

      Some horses just simply have a low spirit level and tend to innatIely be very introverted.  Can it be that this just may be her nature?  Ruling out any physical issues and radical change in behavior (I’m assuming this behavior isn’t a new thing?), you may want to look at the way you are engaging with her.  Horses with a low spirit level can often come out of their shell and become more lively when we present things in a slightly different way.  If you aren’t already familiar with the Parelli Horseanality Chart, I would suggest that as a starting place.  Can you elaborate a little bit more on what’s been going on, her breed, age, what type of discipline are you using her in, how long have you had her, etc.  Please feel free to contact me directly using the Contact form on my website. 



  4. Hi there. I am a equine massage therapist in Alberta Canada. I am also a advanced Reiki practitioner and use both of these modalities in my sessions with horses. I would love to include the oils. I use them for myself all the time. Can you suggest some reading material? Or is it not that much different to how we would use the oils on ourselves? Thanks in advance. 

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