Heavenly Gaits’ Essential Horse Care 30-Day Intensive Training

Help a horse in need when you educate yourself…50% of all proceeds from the Live & DVD class go to Pegasus Horse Rescue!

Dear dedicated horse owner, caretaker, and/or equine professional,

Let me guess: You’re here because you love your horse (or horses). You want to enjoy as many years as possible with him, her, or them, right? And you want them to enjoy as many years as possible, too – pain free and well loved.

If you’re here, it’s also because you’re curious about better, chemical-free ways to naturally increase their well-being. And decrease their chances of preventable, painful traumas, injuries, and illnesses.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’d be honored to share from my decade of expertise, to empower and encourage you through my Essential Horse Care 30-Day Intensive Training.

“Thank you so much for all of your helpful info, I have been learning a lot and your advice has caused me to look into and see things I did not have a clue could be hurting my mare before.  As for my mare the rest and stretching and a little massaging has brought her back to her normal self and I can tell that she is feeling better (: Thank you so much!  I am exited to keep doing the stretching and massaging to prevent any further injury thank you!” – Lindsay

“Lisa the leg stretches both front and back are having an amazing effect on 2 horses boarded with us. The club foot/leg is coming and the shortened hamstrings in the back are improving too! The horse with back issues loves her tummy tucks and tail stretches. Thanks so much.” – Debbi

“Foxy walked better last night than she has in month! I think the stretches, etc. really helped her! She thinks she’s well and can’t understand why I won’t let her out in the pasture today!”  – Susan

Join the Essential Horse Care 30-Day Training Intensive Jan 2-31, 2016 - www.heavenlygaitsequinemassage.comIt breaks my heart to hear about horse owners having to part with a horse that has become part of their family – all because of a minor ailment that turned into a major cost, loss, and hurt.

I can’t guarantee nothing will ever happen to your horse. But I can guarantee  that I am committed to helping spare you that heartbreak as best I can.

The equine wellness techniques that I cover in this class will empower you to know how to naturally, cost-effectively, and confidently increase quality of life, mobility, and comfort for horses of any age!

“Hey Lisa! Thank you so much for this class, I have learned so much and am well on my way to helping my horse! I’m super excited to learn more and keep growing. You’ve really helped me evaluate my horse and pick out some of the problems she’s been having and realizing that they are caused by physical problems. I’m very grateful to have learned this! Thank you thank you!” – Elaina

The course is only 30 days, but the lessons and benefits you’ll take away will help you enjoy a lifetime of love with your horse.


You’ll receive 1 CD & 3 DVDs with the following:

• Lisa’s eBook: A Prescription for Parelli
• Lisa’s PDF Report:  3 Steps To Evaluating Your Horse for Potential Problems
• Lisa’s Brand-New Basic Stretching for Horse Owners DVD
• Easy-to-follow Essential Horse Care Daily Curriculum
• 8 Essential Horse Care Training Videos

You’ll Learn:

  • Safe and effective equine stretching techniques.
  • Basic body mechanics and safe handling, from head to tail.
  • How to evaluate your horse for potential, often preventable, problems.
  • How to use therapeutic-grade essential oils for a healthier, chemical-free barn.
  • Targeted exercises gleaned from the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program that can be used therapeutically for your horse (you don’t need to be a Parelli student).
  • How to therapeutically improve flexibility, performance, and comfort for horses of all ages.

…and more!

You’ll also have the option to purchase a 1-hour private consulation at discount ($97 value!), where you’ll get Lisa’s personalized attention in helping you come up with a personalized plan for your horse! All from the comfort and convenience of your home or mobile device!

Plus you will be helping abused and neglected horses get a second chance…Not only am I donating my time to perform bodywork and teach these caretakers and volunteers the same strategies that you will learn in this class…but 50% of all proceeds from both the Live & DVD class will be donated to my friends at Pegasus Project Horse Rescue!

Yes, I want my Essential Horse Care DVD Bundle!

$79.00 USD

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Essential Horse Care DVD Bundle + 1-Hour Private Consulation

$159.00 USD

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Essential Horse Care Training Pak -

Lisa Carter, LAMP/CEMT - www.heavenlygaitsequinemassage.comAbout Heavenly Gaits Equine Massage Founder Lisa Carter: After years of climbing the corporate ladder, Lisa decided to convert her lifelong love for horses into her professional passion.

In 2006, Lisa founded Heavenly Gaits Equine Massage so she could help fellow horse owners enjoy long, vibrant lives with their beloved equine companions. She committed to helping as many horse owners as possible, empowering them with the know-how to naturally raise their horses’ wellness lines using simple and effective natural horse care strategies.

Lisa is a Certified Equine Massage Therapist (Northwest School of Animal Massage and Advanced Whole Horse Dynamics), a Level 3 Parelli Natural Horsemanship student, and is certified in Dino’s B.E.S.T. Equine Bodywork System, as well as Crow River Animal Hospital’s Animals & Oils Intensive Training. She’s also Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor #1345529.

This information is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any condition or illness.  Nor is it meant replace proper veterinary care. It is meant for educational purposes only.  Always consult your chosen veterinary professional before starting your horse or other animal on any therapy. 

Please note…This class is not going to be an equine massage class, although we will be covering some of the same simple equine bodywork strategies that I share with my clients to help them keep their horses supple between visits. 

Contact for more information.