Are You An Equine Bodyworker or Hoof Care Practitioner With A Strong Belief In An All-Natural Wellness Lifestyle?

Adding essential oils to your equine bodywork and hoof care practice -

How would you like to help horses from the inside out with all natural essential oil products that can also add exceptional value to what you have to offer your equine clients?

This 1-hour webinar is for equine bodywork and hoof care professionals who want to learn about the many added benefits of incorporating essential oils into their practices.  Presented by equine bodyworker Lisa Carter of Heavenly Gaits Equine and equine bodyworker/hoof care practitioner Danna Ash of Tall Water Ranch.  Lisa and Danna have successfully integrated natural therapeutic grade essential oils into their horse businesses, providing added value to their equine clients and increasing the effectiveness of their work sessions.  In this hour-long webinar they’ll discuss how you can do the same.

Incorporating essential oils into equine bodywork sessions can enhance your sessions - www.heavenlygaitsequinemassage.comWhat’s covered:

  • How to enhance the effectiveness and relaxation benefits of your bodywork sessions
  • How to address problem areas for added benefits
  • Helping the nervous, agitated horse or fidgety horse
  • Keeping YOUR body going after a full day of horses!
  • Essential oils for natural hoof care
  • Adding additional income streams to your equine business

Get the downloadable webinar video replay:

Retail Price:  $2.99 USD


Essential Oils For The Equine Bodywork And Hoof Care Practitioner — 9 Comments

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  2. quick question: have never purchased a webinar -when you purchase the wedinar – can it watched more than once, any time? thanks kim

    • Hi Kim,

      Yes, it is a file that you will download to your computer and watch as many times as you need to 🙂  When prompted, just tell it to “Save” to a location that you will be able to find it again.  Some browsers will just automatically download the files to a “Download” folder where you can then move it to where you want. 



  3. Can you tell me what the file extension is, want to download to my phone and want to make sure it will play it.         


    • Hi Shannon,

      It’s set up to send you to a link that forces you to download a compressed zip file, but the actual webinar file is a .mp4.  This just forces you to download it to your device instead of playing it off the server and then forgetting to save it to your device for later viewing/access.  If you have problems downloading it to your phone, just email me and I’ll send you a different link to download the actual mp4. 


  4. Anyway to get a sellable link I can place on my web site so  people can buy your webinar but let them get oils thru me?

    • Hi Debbie!  I need to remake this webinar and what I’ll do is I’ll make it generic for my team in our resources area as well as on the new team website that we are working on.  I’ll do my best to get this done sooner rather than later 🙂



  5. Dear LIsa, I have the same question as Debbie. That would be wonderful if people can buy oils through me and first see your webinar. 

    How do I know when your new webinar is ready and how I can use it on my website? 

    Regards Frederique from Holland and also YL member 🙂

    • As I mentioned Frederique, I will need to redo the entire webinar to make it generic and not specific to me personally.  People will have to be directed to my webinar here on this page to purchase, and they would be instructed to contact the person that referred them to the webinar to purchase their essential oils.  That’s the only way I can think to make it work since it’s a paid product.  Not sure when I’ll have time to redo it.  It may be several weeks before I can get to it.  I’ll post here when I have it completed. 



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