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Hamstring Stretch For Horses – Improve Flexibility And Performance — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Lisa!

    This video is just what I needed to see. My mare Roxanne has been stiff in the back end for a month now. I will usse these ideas to stretch her.  I know I need to do my yoga everyday to feel good. It makes sense that performance horses might need to stretch too!

    Thank you!!!


    • Thanks so much for watching MarVeena!  I hope that Roxanne will benefit from this stretch.  It’s such a wonderful thing to add to your routine and can really help a horse “power up”.



  2. I know you said you could do this stretch every day. How many times should you do the stretch when you do it? Thanks. Love your  videos.

    • Hi Michelle, thanks so much!!  I just do it until they can give me one good stretch, I don’t ask for it multiple times unless they are having to keep taking it away a bunch.  I just want them to give me a good try, then let it go.  It will then just get easier for them each day as long as you release on what you want. 



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