Highlights From Tennessee – 2014 Parelli Tour Stop

by Lisa Carter on November 26, 2014

Paralympian Lauren Barwick performs at the Parelli event in Murfreesboro, TNThis weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Murfreesboro, TN, to the 2014 Parelli Tour Stop…or I guess they are calling it the Future Of Horsemanship Tour now.  I usually only get to go to these when they are held in my neck of the woods in North Texas, so I was really excited!  Plus I don’t often get the opportunity to see non-Texas Parelli Instructors in action.

The event started off with a bang…literally!  With a demonstration of mounted shooting skill by Parelli Instructor Jessie Peters, which I was lucky enough to get on video 🙂  We arrived just a little late and I didn’t get to my seat soon enough to film the “pole dance” by Instructor John Baar…I’ll let your imaginations just run with that vague description!

Caton Parelli rode the flag around the arena for the national anthem, which was a crowd favorite.  His story is so familiar to all of us.  It was great to see how wonderful he was doing and what fun he was having.

And after this performance there wasn’t a dry eye in the place!  Paralympian Lauren Barwick took the stage with a moving performance followed by a really inspiring talk.

I wish I could have recorded more, because there was just SO much good stuff being shared from all the instructors and Pat and Linda.  I just love watching the makeover by Pat and Linda’s horseanality talks are always so revealing.

I hope you enjoy some of these horsemanship highlights!



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