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  1. I became fed up with farriers about 8 months ago when a brand new one shoved and slapped my mare because she moved a hind foot for balance while a fore foot was being held. I had heard of natural trimming and began looking up ways to do it myself. I had that farrier pull off her front shoes and then never bothered to call him back. Since then, I've had one natural farrier come out to check and guide the work I had been doing on my own with just a rasp and a hoof knife. He gave me some tips and opinions. I adjusted my trims a little, and now, 5 months after that visit, I've found that I barely trim my mares feet at all anymore. They NATURALLY trim themselves for the most part. When I started I was trimming every other week, the front one trim, the back the next. Now I just pull out the rasp or knife whenever I see an edge that looks like it needs a little help, which as time goes by, is becoming less and less frequent. This is so easy that anyone can do it, but even if you're a great self learner, make sure you get a natural farrier to tutor you a bit, at least in the beginning. It's made a world of difference in her feet, soundness, movement,  and my wallet!

    • Having a good natural hoof trimmer to help you learn through the process of making the transition from normal, traditional, shoeing is excellent advice. And the more natural lifestyle you can offer your horse, the less you typically need to provide with regard to maintenance. Kudos for making the effort to learn a new skill that made such a huge difference for both you and your horse!

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