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Does My Horse Really Need Stretching? — 2 Comments

  1. i am a total beginner when it comes to massage. The therapy mare I ride is too sore now for me to ride. I'm not the only heavy rider she carries. I'm fortunate that I can and am able to do some massage.

    i simply started GENTLY massaging her shoulders which I had been told were sore. I went with what might feel good to me. I had nothing else to go on. I let the mare tell me what felt good by watching for chewing. I've found some weeks I gets lots licking and other weeks I get blinky eye.

    ive found soreness at the base of her right ear and in her cheek. I GENTLY massaged. If she moves away I take that as I'm too aggressive. My biggest reward! My very best day ever…a couple weeks ago I was giving her a hug around the neck and she wrapped her head around me! She had her throatlatch over my shoulder and two minutes later I felt her jaw bones crunching into shoulder! She was so happy and content she was chewing! Then she fell asleep in my arms!

    learning this new side of horsemanship is fabulous. I almost like it better than riding!

    • Wow, Margaret!  That is SO amazing.  I really love that feeling too when they tell you that you’ve really made a difference for them <3 Thanks so much for sharing!



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