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Is Muscle Tension Holding Your Horse Down…Literally? — 9 Comments

  1. I am working hard to improve my mares hooves now. I have seen amazing things happen with consistent body work!
    Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Lisa, what I like about your articles is that you always share such valuable information with us about horses. Thank you so much!

  3. From the reaction of letting out a breath and lowering his head, can you imagine the relief you brought with the treatments?  And can you imagine how many other horses could benefit from that relief if their owners were aware of the myriad treatments that exist beyond the traditional ones?  That's one more way you can measure the value of this blog …

    • Thank you Sharon! It never ceases to amaze me when a horse does that. You really don’t realize just how much tension horses carry around with them on a daily basis until you suddenly see them let go of it.

  4. This article could be about my gelding. He just had his first chiropractic and accupuncture session last saturday and I am to do massage inbetween sessions also.  I am so excited to see your results and can't wait for ours to happen!

    • Tex did really well with the therapy.  It was important to be very consistent with everything, but it really paid off.  He was like a different horse.  Good luck!



  5. Thanks for this article.  This is a very prevalent problem in most horses, and I believe it can be directly tied to starting undersaddle while the topline is immature without the strength to support an adult rider without bracing.  Then it becomes a habit that needs to be recognized and worked to correct.  It has a tremendous affect on the gaited breeds and their ability to preform their naturally bred in gaits, which get distorted by the brace and downhill posture.


    • So true Anita!  It’s so sad how many horses get their careers shortened by many years simply because they are started too early.  Just a year or two makes a HUGE difference in their developmental readiness. 

      Thanks for your comment!



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