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The Power Of Positive Patterns For Horses — 2 Comments

  1. The video is stunning! I would be interested in more details of how you were using ropes to drag branches with your horse. Normally you have to make up some kind of breast strap/ surcingle arrangement.Were you just using a rope around the neck, with the rope tail attached to the branch?

    • Hi Oriana,

      Thanks so much!  I was at first pulling the ropes/branches myself always from the ground at first.  Once Tex was okay with that while wearing his saddle, I then just laid the rope across the saddle horn (again from the ground first) so that if he became worried I could simply let go of the rope or let it slide to adjust how long the rope would be and it wouldn’t be actually “attached” to the saddle or the horse.  Very dangerous attaching things if they get spooked!  So at no time is the horse EVER attached to the object/rope.  You could use a surcingle with rings to pass the rope through if you didn’t want or have a saddle that would work for that purpose.  It was just a progression of baby steps all the way. 



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