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Sheath Cleaning Naturally Using Essential Oils For Horses — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Lisa,  i am in Australia and I am in no way expecting you to make any accurate diagnosis about my horse.  She is the thoroughbred rescued in July.  Ideal Options (Dearly) has had an ongoing problem i believe is related to the fact she has had 12 foals in her 17 years.  Her right hind leg had a deep cut down and across the front side.  Could be a tendon cut.  Since she has regained weight the scar which i could not remove any bulky tissue from,  has opened and dried well and then i was able to wash off most of this crusty material.  That ruled out that injury as a cause.  she mostly has her hind left hoof pointed on the ground.  After some time she will then switch to the other hoof, but not for as long.  i do see a difference in the hips when she is resting her hips.  the left hip seems to tilt forward more and is more prominent than the other.  do you think this is a pelvic problem?  or hip?  i thought it may have corrected when she put on weight and built up the muscle below the hips.  when she put on weight she favored her left hip more, so then i limited her feed content.  she is not as big but still very healthy.  it helped to lessen the time favoring but persists.  I also thought maybe the hoof has a problem which in turn puts her hip in a different position and both are in need of help.

    • Hi Noni. It is possible that she has a pelvic imbalance. But as you said, it’s hard to tell anything without being there, feeling of her and seeing her move for myself. Have you had her checked by an equine chiropractor to see if her pelvis is out of whack? And what types of strengthening exercises do you have her doing? It is very common for horses to have pelvic imbalances, and based on your description of her hips, that is where I would start.

  2. Great post with lots of great information. I think a lot of people are afraid to use essential oils on animals, but if they are educated through a post like this, maybe they won't be so afraid.

    • Thanks Heather for visiting!  It is unfortunate that there is a lot of mis-information out there regarding using essential oils for improving our pets’ health.  It is what they do naturally in the wild and as long as we are using pure therapeutic grade products, essential oils are perfectly safe to use. 

  3. I love horses! My dad is a horse lover/owner as well, and I can't wait to share this info with him. I never thought about using the oils on the horses before. I'm so glad I have your site as a resource now. Thank you for sharing! 

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