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Knowing When To Step Away – Horse Training Isn’t Always About The Horse — 2 Comments

  1. Lisa, this so true.  I work in a very fast-paced, high stress job and am gone 13 hours a day.  When I first got involved with horses, I'd come home go right to the barn and it would be a train wreck….the more I learned, the more I knew I had to slow down….not realizing I was still in that "mode".  So, I learned to switch gears before I headed to the barn…but then I realized why should I switch gears … it was much better to stay in horse mode ALL the time…so I didn't have to switch gears.  For several years now, I can maintain a calm, stress free attitude both in my work and with my horses.  So, now when things aren't going in the same manner with my horses, I stop and look at me to see what exactly I'm giving off … they truly are mirrors and sometimes we don't like what we see … but it does give us an opportunity to change things

    • Not many people can switch that mindset and apply it throughout all aspects of their lives. That’s a wonderful that you have been so successful with that and that you recognized the importance of it! Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing that insight!



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