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The Tail Stretch: Spinal Decompression For Your Horse — 9 Comments

    • Thanks Shelley, I appreciate your feedback and am glad you are finding the articles helpful! I have yet to find a horse that didn’t like a good tail stretch:) It’s something that they really can’t do for themselves and it’s so beneficial.


  1. Yes, nice — and the T-Touch method has this same thing — stretching the tail straight out, and also pulling it to the left and right, and folding that top part of the tail up into a question mark kind of shape!  

    • Yes, that’s right Jeanne.  That is also a very useful technique for stretching and softening the soft tissue in the area of the croup and the tail itself.  It’s amazing how many horses are tight in the tail.  Much of it is emotional, and the technique you mention is very good for helping them to relax and let go.



  2. I perform this stretch before every ride!  my horse has had back issues (from a serious fall) and stretches before a ride (tail, leg circles, carrot stretches) are part of the overall grooming process.  I actually follow the TTouch method whereby you do "tail circles" and then follow it up with a lovely stretch of the tail.  My Parelli horse learned the difference in one session, it's a different feel for him and the circles before the stretch helps him differentiate what I want.  He LOVES the tail stretches and what is super interesting is that when you release (I stretch for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, then release on a count of 8) – the RIPPLES that travel down his spine, just shows you how powerful the stretch can be!   one of my favourites and again – part of my grooming process before each and every ride!  just like picking his feet – takes no time at all, but I won't ride without doing it 🙂

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