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Tapotement As A Calming Aide In The Left-Brain Extrovert Horse — 2 Comments

  1. HI. l rescued 'Bear' 15.2hh Gelding Nov 2011. He is now 17yrs. He had been neglected and worked hard in his younger life. He was depressed, angry, frustrated, anxious, nervous and spooky. First 12 months were spent getting to know him and get him well mentally, emotionally and physically. We have just started riding and he is fantastic. He trusts me now. Like when someone plays with your hair and it feels nice, this is what l do with Bear. He relaxes so quickly when l gently, slowly and lovingly stroke his mane and tail. Especially his tail. If l hold it near the end of the dock and touch him from the top to the end of his tail he closes his eyes and day dreams. l do this before and after a ride, and any time l am with him. l always touch him in a caring way and this shows the horse who you are and tells him a lot about you. He loves it and responds so well when l quietly talk to him about what we will be doing. He sees l am happy and care about him. He has improved so much and taught me so much. He has helped rehabilitate me too 🙂

    • Sounds like a wonderful boy! Horses are so sensitive to our own emotional state and our body language. When dealing with right-brained introverts in particular, it is especially important to pay attention to how they are reacting to what we say and do. They’re very hard to read sometimes and it’s easy to push them through their thresholds. It sounds like you have developed a wonderful relationship with Bear and he’s found his true “home”. Thanks for sharing your story:)

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