Thanksgiving Blessings On The Horse Farm

by Lisa Carter on November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Blessings on the farm - www.heavenlygaitsequinemassage.comThanksgiving Day is the day we set aside to acknowledge and be thankful for the many things in our lives, small and large, that God has Blessed us with.  Sometimes we don't realize they are Blessings right away…sometimes something which seems very trivial at the time ends up being the one thing that makes a huge difference.  On our small horse farm, we have many such things.  Living on a small property in the country, surrounded by our animals, is often quite a lot of work that we don't always want to be out doing (especially when the weather turns foul!).  But the joy and comfort that it brings our family far outweighs the hard work. 

Being able to raise our daughter out in the country with the responsibility of caring for animals was always a dream of mine.  I was always a country girl at heart.  Living in and growing up in the Bay Area of California for most of my childhood, the only time I got to experience the country was when our family went camping.  Which thankfully was quite often 🙂  I'm so proud of the young lady that my daughter has grown up into.  We have been very Blessed that she has a good head on her shoulders and keeps good company.  I believe strongly that growing up on our farm and participating in activities like FFA where she's raised a show lamb 3 years in a row now has taught her how hard work can pay off.  And learning the importance of team work being on the Dairy Judging Team these last 3 years and helping to take her team to State gives her a great sense of accomplishment and self confidence.  We would not have been able to offer her these things living in town. 

And not to mention the (now FIVE!) dogs, two cats, guinea pig and our horses – what a menagerie!  Our herd used to run five as well, but like many other small farms, we've had to downsize our herd due to the economy to ensure that we could take care of everyone like they deserve.  Our home would not feel complete without our critters.  They bring us such joy and laughter with all their antics.  And great sadness, as when we lost our beloved Teri and Buddy who had been with our family from the beginning. But we wouldn't change it…the good times far outweigh the sad ones.  Watching the horses run in the pasture, kicking up their heels…the sweet nickers when they see us walking toward the barn…even all the puppies snuggling on the bed leaving little room for anyone to sleep…these I am so thankful for as well. 

My husband and I have been talkiing a lot about starting our own garden so we can grow our own food.  It's going to be a lot of work, but come next Thanksgiving, how wonderful it would be to have Thanksgiving dinner include the fruits of our labor!  To me that is the ultimate expression of thankfulness…to be able to provide for your family.  Our small little horse farm has helped provide for our family in so many ways.  Not only is it an essential component of my own horse business, it is woven into the fabric of our family.  For all these things my family is thankful. 

On this day of Thanksgiving, my family would also like to know we are thankful to all of you, our friends.  We wish you the very best Thanksgiving Day as you gather around your own dinner table with your families.  And may you all be Blessed with the things that bring joy to your lives, whatever that might be. 

Thanksgiving Blessings from The Carter Family

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