Find equine bodywork videos, DVDs and eBooks to help you take your horse to the next level.  Help your horse become more balanced, improve performance and learn to identify problem areas and what to do about it. Take control of your horse’s performance potential!

A Prescription For Parelli – Incorporating Therapy Into Playtime With Your Horse by Lisa Carter, CEMT

A Prescription For Parelli - Incorporating Therapy Into Playtime With Your HorseThere are many stretches and therapies out there that can be beneficial for your horse.  But if you’re not having fun doing it and your horse isn’t having fun doing it, what is the likelihood that you will do them consistently enough to make a difference?  This eBook explains how to use the games and exercises you are already doing in a therapeutic and targeted way to help your horse become more balanced and improve their performance.  Learn more.

Retail Price:  $3.99 USD

Get the downloadable PDF version here (digital download):

Click here to get it on iTunes, for the Kindle or Nook

Basic Equine Stretches For The Horse Owner DVD by Lisa Carter, CEMT

Basic Equine Stretching For The Horse Owner DVD - www.heavenlygaitsequinemassage.comStretching your horse or horses between bodywork sessions is an important part of overall horsemanship and equine wellness, flexibility, and vitality.  But when you consider the size, strength, and weight of a horse at any age, helping as humans can seem intimidating – or impossible.

This is where Heavenly Gaits can help you!  Not only is it possible for you to confidently learn, and safely apply, these basic stretching techniques for horses – it’s essential! Learn more.

Retail Price:  $9.99 USD (contact me for international shipping quote)


Essential Oils For The Equine Bodywork & Hoof Care Practitioner

A 1-hour webinar for equine bodywork and hoof care professionals who want to learn about the many added benefits of incorporating essential oils into their practice.  Presented by equine bodyworker Lisa Carter of Heavenly Gaits Equine and equine bodyworker/hoof care practitioner Danna Ash of Tall Water Ranch.  Lisa and Danna have successfully integrated natural therapeutic grade essential oils into their horse businesses, providing added value to their equine clients and increasing the effectiveness of their work sessions.  In this hour-long webinar they’ll discuss how you can do the same.  Learn more…

Get the downloadable webinar video replay:

Retail Price:  $2.99 USD

Posture & Performance DVD by Dino Fretterd, CEMT

Equine Bodywork DVD Series - Dino Fretterd, CEMT, Posture & Performance DVD Series

A 3-DVD set that will change your life, and the way you view your horse.  In this 4-hour DVD set, Dino and his “Whole Horse Team” will show you how the major components of the horse are inter-related, and how by balancing these systems in harmony with one another, your horse will function better, and you’ll see an improved relationship with your horse.  Learn more.

Retail Price:  $14.95 USD (contact me for international shipping quote)


Essential Horse Care Intensive Training Home Study DVD Bundle by Lisa Carter, CEMT

Essential Horse Care Intensive Training Home Study Bundle - www.heavenlygaitsequinemassage.comAre you looking for better, chemical-free ways to naturally increase their well-being? And decrease their chances of preventable, painful traumas, injuries, and illnesses? The equine wellness techniques that I cover in the Home Study version of my interactive 30-day class will empower you to know how to naturally, cost-effectively, and confidently increase quality of life, mobility, and comfort for horses of any age!  Learn more.

You’ll receive 1 CD & 3 DVDs with the following:

• Lisa’s eBook: A Prescription for Parelli
• Lisa’s PDF Report:  3 Steps To Evaluating Your Horse for Potential Problems
• Lisa’s Brand-New Basic Stretching for Horse Owners DVD
• Easy-to-follow Essential Horse Care Daily Curriculum
• 8 Essential Horse Care Training Videos
• 50% of the proceeds from this course are donated to help abused & neglected horses through Pegasus Project Horse Rescue

Retail Price:  $79.00 USD (contact me for international shipping quote)


Essential Horse Care DVD Bundle + 1-Hour Private Consulation

$159.00 USD  (contact me for international shipping quote)


Equine Bodywork Videos, DVDs and eBooks — 12 Comments

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    • Hi Claire,

      Thank you for your interest.  However, I don’t think it would be cost effective for you to ship the DVD’s to France.  I can sure look into what the international shipping cost would be and do a customized billing for you.  I know shipping the DVDs to Canada is quite expensive. 



  3. Hi Lisa,

    I would like to order your 2 books, but not download them. I´d like to have them shipped to my sisters. Is that possible?  And what do you think of the Posture & Performance DVD. Thanks !

    • Hi Deanne,

      The books are eBooks, so they are available in pdf form only (or for Nook, Kindle & iTunes).  They have not been made in bound form.  You can always print them, but the A Prescription For Parelli ebook has video tutorials integral to the book which you wouldn’t be able to access in a print form. 

      I LOVE the Posture & Pderformance Series from Dino, Spence, Randy & Mike.  Dino is my own bodywork teacher, and when I took my class with him was fortunate enough to study as well with both Randy & Spence.  It is packed with super beneficial information that is not readily available elsewhere. 



  4. Hello Lisa, I went over write about removing Ants…Wow! this works. By the way love your site. take care

    • I’m so glad that this worked for you Helmuth!  I love being able to get rid of the ants at the barn without compromising my horses with chemicals.  Thanks so much for visiting 🙂



  5. Hi Lisa, I have paid by master card $15 for the Essential oil E Book, I have not received this as yet.

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Cheryl, if you ordered the PDF version (not the Kindle or Nook version) off my website, you would have received an email to the email address you used during the payment process with a secure download link to download your eBook to your computer/device.  The secure link is good for 48 hours.  It may have gone into your spam folder.  If it’s been over 48 hours, I will need to send you a new link.  Please let me know if you need me to do this and I’ll look up your order information.



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