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Teach Your Horse To Politely Perform Leg Stretches — 6 Comments

  1. Horses have been actually really polite! The only thing that should matter is how well we should teach them, especially those that belong to such activities as equine therapies. Horses have to be calm, sound, healthy, temperament and “bombproof.” – I assume you already know that term.

    • Absolutely! I have found in my years of dealing with horses though that there is no such thing as a “bombproof” horse:) Anything can and will happen when it comes to horses. Never take anything for granted when it comes to your safety.

  2. Hi, Lisa! I think you have misunderstood my term, “bombproof.” It’s just a term used in the horse industry referring to a horse that will stay very calm whenever a certain situation, like bombing, happens. The term is more like a personification or an exaggeration. 🙂 For you to learn more about it, refer to this link: http://www.pal-o-mine.org/blog/bid/65285/What-Makes-a-Horse-a-Good-Candidate-for-a-Therapeutic-Riding-Program I hope that helps you.

    • Hi Harla, thank you for your clarification and I do appreciate your link. I did understand what you meant and am very familiar with the term and its usage:) I find that it is an extremely overused and misleading term, as I have found that no horse, no matter how prepared you think it may be, is ever 100% certain to be despooked to all things. All we can do is prepare them as best we possibly can to many different types of stimuli and make sure we are providing good leadership so they know they can count on us not to put them in harms way. Several years ago, there was a local girl, only 8 years old, out with her family on a trail ride on her 20-something year old horse that the family had been riding forever. They stopped for a break and while on the horse’s back, she opened a soda can. The noise from popping the soda can scared the horse and it took off with her. She hung a foot in the stirrup as she fell off and was dragged to her death. The family thought the horse was “bomb proof” and never had any indication that the horse was bothered by anything. It was a horrible tragedy. Be prepared for anything and never take anything for granted. That is simply the point I was making.

  3. I am truly sorry about that story. It must have been really tragic and I now understand what you were meaning to say. I must agree and also say thank you for the clarifications and realizations that you gave me. Take care, Lisa! 🙂

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